Content Management Services

Today, the web consumers have evolved. They are smarter, tech savvier, more connected and more empowered than ever before. When it comes to online experiences, they expect websites and portals to respond to their needs, know what device they are on, understand what products and services they're interested in, and deliver a seamless web experience that is tailored to them.

CMS Solutions

Web Content Management Systems (CMS) and Portals need to be powerful and dynamic in order to meet the growing and changing needs of enterprises today, while at the same time help increase profit margins and reduce costs. To fulfill these demands, best-in-class marketing organizations are implementing Web Experience Management (WEM) software solutions, such as OpenText WEM 8.5, to give them the ability to design and build customized websites and web portals that provide them with more content flexibility, quicker publishing cycles, better content targeting features and easier multi-language capabilities.