Hosting Services

A web site is only be as successful as its technological base. The two most common hosting types of any websites are;

  • Virtual Server, and
  • Dedicated Server.

The IIC team works with the ckient to identify the most suitable type of hosting the website would need. We will manage the hosting for the client and ensure the maximum up-time possible.

Web Hosting

A web site is only be as successful as its technological base. The IIC team works almost exclusively with Open Source applications, and our preferred environment is the Apache web server running on a Linux Operating System. Both our virtual and dedicated server programs are based on PII 400s or better with a minimum of 128 MB RAM, fast hard drives, and the Red Hat 6.0+ Operating System. This means that our clients get the advantage of the worlds most popular web server combination (Apache on Linux), which ensures your site is off to a great start even before we begin!

Our hosting is based in California, US at the Best, and Exodus facilities. Redundant backbones and T3s provide all the bandwidth you need, and the machines have 24/7 monitoring for fire, security, etc. Depending on your needs, you can choose one of the following options:

Option 1: Virtual Server:

The virtual server model is simply a way of allowing you to start small, while providing scalability for growth. It is a 200-meg "slice" of a computer, with private FTP access, CGI rights, HTML directory, web server logs, etc. Almost like a small, private computer-within-a-computer, it costs USD $250/year - USD $500/year. There is a $40 setup fee. Unlimited email POP boxes and a catchall bin are included. One domain name is pointed at the site as part of the price. Additional domain names cost US $60/year to point at the site.

Option 2: Dedicated Server:

The dedicated server model actually allows you to have a private machine located at the Best and Exodus facilities. This option provides you with access to more bandwidth, hard drive space and customization at an increased price. Currently, these machines cost about US $2,000 to set up, and about $12,000 per year.

Deciding which hosting model to use can be relatively simple. As a rule, if you are expecting significantly more than 100,000 file hits per day, you should consider dedicated hosting. Anything less usually scales well to the virtual model.

Here are some of the reasons your company should choose us to host your valuable corporate web information:

  • High Speed COMMERCIAL ONLY Servers
  • Daily Statistics, Reports
  • Graphs & Analysis Tools
  • Superior Site Throughputs
  • No Overcrowding on Servers
  • 24 / 7 Technical Support
  • Flexible Pricing Plans
  • Custom Plans Available