Consulting Services on Product Globalization

Expanding into the global market, now more than ever, is a significant factor in building a business and has attributed to the success of most Fortune 500 companies. Most certainly, they would not be where they are if it wasn�t for their international sales which for many companies accounts for more than 50% of their revenue.
Sure, they are big and have economy of scale to leverage, but with the advancement of technology, logistics and openness in a global market, small players can also take advantage of the Global Marketplace.

Product Globalization

Product globalization is defined as the process of creating or modifying a product or software application so that it can be used in many languages and cultures. The process normally results in modifications to user interfaces, technical documents, online help content, legal agreements, etc. This relates to software internationalization and software localization, which involves the process of adapting a software program to a local culture, the translation of the �usable� text to the local language, as well as modifying certain content to work within the local environment (electrical standard, measurement system, etc.).

Content Globalization

Content globalization refers specifically to the adaptation of certain content, including online content, e-learning modules, packaging, technical documentation and user interface text so that they may be used in an international environment. As this content can change on a regular basis, Trusted Translations will work with your product development teams to ensure that you have an efficient content globalization solution that allows your organization to update text in a uniform and consistent manner across all media platforms, languages and target audiences.

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