Our services

We provide our international customers with complete solutions, including web site design and development, hosting, developing marketing strategies, search engine optimization, business consulting, foreign language support, and product globalization. Our head office is located in Rochester, New York, but our development team is located in the UK and India.

SEO and Internet Marketing

We work with you to answer the question, "How can I use the Internet and/or a web site to improve my business?" Your web site needs to be more than a collection of web pages. The Inter-IC team will work with you to help you develop and implement an Internet strategy that incorporates knowledge gained from our extensive experience in business development, developing, maintaining, implementing, and marketing a variety of business web sites.

Websites Design

We'll work with you to plan the very best strategy for your website. Analysis of key factors is crucial to creating a website that will not simply look good, but effectively market your interests.

E-Commerce Solutions

Ecommerce website design is an intergral part of your potential on-line sale. The IIC team brings to you almost 14 years of experience and in-depth knowledge of end-to-end e-business, B2B and e-commerce development solutions. IIC team has succesffuly built e-commerce solutions for it's clients using open source software packages.

CMS Solutions

Today, the web consumers have evolved. They are smarter, tech savvier, more connected and more empowered than ever before. When it comes to online experiences, they expect websites and portals to respond to their needs, know what device they are on, understand what products and services they're interested in, and deliver a seamless web experience that is tailored to them.

Website Hosting

web site is only be as successful as its technological base. The IIC team works almost exclusively with Open Source applications, and our preferred environment is the Apache web server running on a Linux Operating System. Both our virtual and dedicated server programs are based on PII 400s or better with a minimum of 128 MB RAM, fast hard drives, and the Red Hat 6.0+ Operating System...

Programming Standards

We adhere to industry standards and focus on HTML 4.01 and XHTML compliant code for our web page design. In addition, we validate each page against the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) recommendations for these specifications. We also validate the code to ensure that your site is accessible to those who use alternative browsers (older browsers or browsers for those with visual or mechanical disabilities).

Technical Communications

The Internet opens the worldwide market for you. Effective communication, whether a set of products or services, is paramount to achieving success on the Internet. The IIC team is well experienced in languages, global user interface design, and communication.

Product Globalization

Expanding into the global market, now more than ever, is a significant factor in building a business and has attributed to the success of most Fortune 500 companies. Most certainly, they would not be where they are if it wasn�t for their international sales which for many companies accounts for more than 50% of their revenue.

Domain Names Search

The domain name (Universal Resource Locator or URL) is equivalent to an address on the Internet. Your web site is found by your domain name. Use the tool below if you would like to search for a domain name (www.yourcompanyname.com) for yor business. After you have found a suitable name available, contact us and we will immediately reserve it for you.

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