E-Commerce Solutions

Ecommerce website design is an intergral part of your potential on-line sale. The IIC team brings to you almost 14 years of experience and in-depth knowledge of end-to-end e-business, B2B and e-commerce development solutions. E-Commerce solutions are generally based on open source as well as commercially available platforms for various market segments. IIC team has succesffuly built e-commerce solutions for it's clients using open source software packages. Note that the Open source software refers to applications developed in which the user can access and alter the "source" code itself.

Contact us to find out how the IIC team can assist you in;
  • selecting and e-commerce platform for your web site, and
  • building an ecommerce website that encourages visitors to your website to buy your product and services.
E-Commerce Solutions

Selection of a suitable e-commerce solution for your business could be very confusing. There are a plenty of options available for choosing a platform, but in some cases having too many options can make it difficult to know which one to choose. In order to develop a better understanding of what's most commonly available and what to choose, we are providing below a very high level description of key e-commerce solutions most commonly available today.
IIC team has built e-commerce solutions using open source (osCommerce platform) for it's clients. dditionally, we have also built custom solutions including Shopoing Cart for small business. This has enabled them to go on-line with an elegant and still a cost effective e-commerce solution.

1. Open Source E-Commerce Solution: Open source e-commerce platforms can be downloaded and hosted anywhere. You�re not committed to a particular host, which can be a good thing. The downside is that support is likely limited to a forum or wiki. For designers and developers, open source solutions can be a good choice. End users who are looking to set up their own site will likely face more obstacles with an open source, self-hosted system as compared to a hosted platform.

2. Hosted E-Commerce Solution:Hosted e-commerce platforms will charge a monthly or yearly fee, which will include web hosting, use of the e-commerce system, and support. You�ll have to host your site with them in order to use the system. The downside to this is that you won�t be able to choose your own host, but the upside is that you�ll get support for hosting and the e-commerce system from the same place, and they will know their own system very well. Also, since it is hosted they can take care of most security details.

3. Hosted Shopping Cart E-Commerce Solution: Hosted shopping carts will allow you to use the CMS and host of your choice, and they will just host the shopping cart and checkout process for you. So they�ll still handle the security details since the payment will be processed through their site, but you won�t host your entire site with them.

Commercial E-Commerce Platforms There are available a number of commercial e-commerce solutions for a licensing fee. IIC team can develop/implement a selected e-commerce solution should a client has a preference.
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