Why being on internet?

Why being on Internet for any business is a prerequisite?

Why Internet?

During the past 10 years, advances in technologies, such as computer, imaging, and communications have changed the way we do business in immeasurable ways. The Internet has moved from being just a communication tool to the fastest growing channel for commerce. Based on surveys performed by various Agencies , as of March 2001 the number of people online are:

  • 407.1 million World Total
  • 167.12 million Canada & USA
  • 113.14 million Europe
  • 104.88 million Asia/Pacific
  • 11 million Africa
  • 2.40 million Middle East
  • 16.45 million Latin America

nternet business solutions:

  • Promote retail or business-to-business web stores, which offer direct sales over the Internet.
  • Reduce printing costs of paper-based material and catalogs.
  • Offer customers 24 hour access with no lines, no sales people, and no hassles.
  • Integrate e-mail into your business communications so that you can immediately respond to customers' questions and needs.
  • Access a global customer base to obtain a global reach.
  • Develop a community of customers through such venues as support group discussions, open forums, and individual dialogues through e-mail.